Windows 8-How to switch Internet explorer to desktop view

Apps Interface is new a new feature in Windows 8, Microsoft has copied this feature form apple which ever app you open it dosen’t have a close option.

When you click in NEW Windows 8 start menu, The default programs (built-in) of Windows 8 will open in apps interface, thing I didn’t like is, it don’t have a close button it this inter face you need to close the apps using task manager, The programs which ever you install it opens in Desktop Interface.

How to switch Internet explorer from Apps interface to Desktop Interface or Desktop View

Click on Start Menu open Internet Explorer App


The Internet explorer will open in full screen, you can close the window but the process will still be running, your system performance might go down.


Right click on the page, On the top bar you will be able to see what are pages you have currently opened, On the bottom bar you will find back button to go back to previews page, address bar, refresh button, pin the page to taskbar, it looks like a new page button in the next line you fill find what is it, and forward button


Click New page button first option is Find on page is nothing but search and Use desktop view option is to switch the current page to desktop view


When you select Use desktop View, The page will be switched to normal internet explorer view


The new feature in Windows 8 it when you open any app, and if you move the cursor to left side of the window a small screen will pop up, you can switch to desktop and apps easily by clicking on it


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