Wave Energy Plants in Brazil – First Generation of Ocean Wave Energy

Brazil’s electricity regulator announced the first generation of ocean wave energy in Brazil from a prototype unit installed at the port of Pecem in San Goncalo do Amarante, Ceara State.

Agencia Nacional de Energia Eletrica (ANEEL) said July 12 that the 50-kW unit generated power for 10 minutes on June 24, providing sufficient electricity to power lights and air conditioning of the test center. Trials are to continue in order to generate power for a longer period.

The research project, for deployment of an onshore wave converter prototype off northeastern Brazil, is to last 36 months with a budget of 14.4 million reais (US$7.1 million).

The sponsoring company for the project, Tractebel Energia S.A., is working with the University of Rio de Janeiro’s foundation for project coordination, research, and technical studies, Fundacao Coordenacao de Projetos, Pesquisas e Estudos Tecnologicos.

The prototype is two modules consisting of a float, arm, and pump that are fixed to a breakwater and linked to a turbine-generator and hyperbaric chamber. ANEEL said its advantages include ease of production and easy coupling to a desalination system to produce potable water.

ANEEL said the Brazilian coast presents good conditions for energy production due to its proximity to high density coastal populations. It is estimated wave energy on Brazil coasts has the potential to produce 87 gigawatts.

The University of Rio de Janeiro also studied a pilot tidal power plant at Bacanga Dam in Sao Luis in northern Brazil that would install an intake system and turbine-generators to harness tidal flows between the ocean and Bacanga Reservoir. (HRW December 2007)

New scope for interaction between humans and machines

ExoHand – human-machine interaction


The ExoHand from Festo is an exoskeleton that can be worn like a glove.

ExoHand_00439_240pxThe fingers can be actively moved and their strength amplified; the operator’s hand movements are registered and transmitted to the robotic hand in real time. The objectives are to enhance the strength and endurance of the human hand, to extend humans’ scope of action and to secure them an independent lifestyle even at an advanced age.

From assembly to medical therapy
The ExoHand could provide assistance in the form of force amplification in connection with monotonous and strenuous activities in industrial assembly, for example, or in remote manipulation in hazardous environments: with force feedback, the human operator feels what the robot grasps and can thus grip and manipulate objects from a safe distance without having to touch them.

Due to the yielding capacity of its pneumatic components, the ExoHand also offers potential in the field of service robotics. In the rehabilitation of stroke patients, it could already be used today as an active manual orthosis.

ExoHand_00413_240px A strong hand with sensitive fingers
The exoskeleton supports the human hand from the outside and reproduces the physiological degrees of freedom – the scope of movement resulting from the geometry of the joints.

Eight double-acting pneumatic actuators move the fingers so that they can be opened and closed. For this purpose, non-linear control algorithms are implemented on a CoDeSys-compliant controller, which thus allows precise orientation of the individual finger joints. The forces, angles and positions of the fingers are tracked by sensors.

VIA {http://www.festo.com/en/exohand}

Human-Robot Interactions to feel more like collaboration


Robots Act, Dance and Play Music with Human Movements Tony Stark’s Butter free now in real world Can robots and humans interact the way that human beings interact with each other? Guy Hoffman wants human-robot interactions to feel more like collaboration and less like a chess game. In his TED Talk Robots with “soul” Hoffman [...]

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Power Pot-Portable Electric Generator


The Power Pot is an innovative new generator that turns heat from cooking directly into electricity with no moving parts.   Hello, and thank you for checking out our project! The PowerPot is a a portable electric generator that doubles as a cooking pot. It can be used indoors or outside and works with any [...]

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The Superhero She-Bot On Her Way To Mars


Meet Valkyrie- The Superhero She-Bot On Her Way To Mars The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is hosting its 2013 DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials December 21-23 in Homestead, Florida. Six teams will go head-to-head to build the ultimate disaster relief robot. The challenge: to compete in eight different tasks for the chance at a [...]

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Underwater Oxygen Respirator


Scuba Breath Triton is a 2013 sadi product innovation studio project. Triton uses a new technology of artificial gill model. It extracts oxygen under water through a filter in the form of fine threads with holes smaller than water molecules. This is a technology developed by a Korean scientist that allows us to freely breathe [...]

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Mount Rushmore of the Digital Age


A Sochi structure is being called the “Mount Rushmore of the Digital Age” due to its 20m tall actuating portraits. The Olympic Games has always been a spectacle, and this year’s game will be no different thanks to London architect Asif Khan’s populist pavilion.  Consisting of 10,000 actuators spread across the front of his pavilion’s [...]

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Rolling Ball Sculpture


Rolling Ball Sculpture This Amazing Project Will Blow You Away!

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How a Plane Engine Works! Explained


How a Plane Engine Works! Watch the Video ! Explained in Details

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Hovering Tree Illusion


Artists Daniel Siering and Mario Shu used foil and spray paint to magically levitate a tree in Potsdam, Germany. The duo, who are co-workers at ART-EFX, wrapped a portion of the trunk in foil, spray painting the background scenery behind the tree to create the illusion. Amazing!

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