What is Windows Updates and Service Packs

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Windows exists in a changing PC landscape – new hardware, software, user scenarios and security threads arise each day. Microsoft makes updates available to currently supported Windows versions, to stay current in this changing ecosystem.

As new issues are found and resolved, Microsoft releases updates for Windows and other products. The primary method for consumers to obtain these updates is Windows Update. This service evaluates available updates to provide you with a list of updates to install, based on your Windows version, language, and previously installed updates.


Note: On older versions of Windows, such as Windows XP and earlier, Windows Update is provided as a web site – http://update.microsoft.com . You can use this URL to update a Windows XP PC.

What is service packs

A service pack (SP) is a special update, which collects together previously released updates, and occasionally new functionality. When you have a certain service pack, this helps identify the state of your PC. So for Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 installed, we would say that you are running “Windows 7 SP1”. You should have the latest Windows service pack installed whenever possible.

Service packs can either be downloaded like other updates, or you may be able to order Service Pack Update media from Microsoft to update your Windows PC with the service pack.

Installation media for the latest Windows version is typically updated to include the latest service pack. This means that you do not need to install the service pack after performing a clean installation from that media. It also helps ensure that new PCs do not need to install large numbers of updates after purchase.

Service packs till now released and download links for service packs of all the version of windows


Windows XP Service packs Download links

Download Service packs 1

Download Service packs 2

Download Service packs 3


Windows Vista Service packs Download links

Download Service Packs 1 32-bit

Download Service packs 1 64-bit

Download Service Packs 2 32-bit

Download Service packs 2 64-bit


Windows 7 Service packs Download links

Download Service Packs 1

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