iPhone 4S Gestures and symbols review-Explained in Simple english

iPhone 4S reviews

Buying any new Apple product is always a joy. From the beautifully designed packaging, to the minimal setup time, right up to the joy of using an interface for the first time, it feels like it’s been designed especially for you. The iPhone 4s is an exceptionally amazing smartphone. If you’ve owned an internet-capable smartphone before, you’ll discover just how much better the iPhone is than the other models on the market; and if you’ve just arrived from a regular old-fashioned mobile phone, well,’wow!’ is going to be an understatement.

In this feature we’ll get acquainted with your new device’s hardware features, including every button, switch, slot, port, and plug. Apple designed the iPhone and iPod touch with minimal external buttons, so it’s imperative that you know what each one is for. Apple stretches its minimalist design to what’s inside these devices as well, with a set of small status icons at the top of the screen that serve as a shorthand for common settings.



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iPhone Symbols

Like a Mac’s menu bar, the top of the iPhone’s screen displays a number of status icons-shorthand for various settings and connections. The icons that tell you what phone, Internet or other connection your device is making are visible in the upper left-hand corner, while icons inĀ  charge of the device’s other functions appear on the right. with the help of below figure, you can learn what each symbol actually means.
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Gestures and Techniques

Although Apple has designed the iPhone, ipod touch and iPad to be simple to learn, sometimes you want a primer on the basics. Here’s a breakdown of the major multitouch gestures, navigation, Home screen tips and tricks and multicasting features you’ll need to master your iOS device.

If you’ve never before owned a multitouch device from Apple, you may be unfamiliar with crazy phrases like pinch-to-zoom and the difference between flick and swipe. Have no fear: while some of these gestures may have odd names, they’re easy enough to pick up.

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