Undersea Cables used for Network Communications

underThe first underwater cable was laid in August 1850, It was laid across the English Channel, by John Watkins Bretts, Within a year in 1852, Great Britain and Ireland were linked together with underground cables, Later a Submarine Telegraph Company linked Underground cable from Paris to London, and Later in 1853, England was connected to the Netherlands by a cable laid across the North Sea from Oxford Ness to The Hague.

A Cable laid on the sea bed between land-based stations to carry telecommunication signals across stretches of ocean, The reason is for the cost of using satellites for communications, The first cable laid to known have carried telegraphy traffic, Later it carried data traffic, Nowadays only Optical Fiber cable are used to carry digital Payloads, Because it can carry both Internet and Telephone traffic as well, Fiber optic cables are typically 69 millimeters 2.7″ in diameter and they weigh 10 kilograms per meter.

An Oldest video of laying Underwater Cable

As of 2011, submarine cables link all the world’s continents except Antarctica.

In 1863 cable was laid for the first time in India, They connected Mumbai to Saudi Arabia, Less than a decade Bombay was linked to London by the British Government. In 1872, The Cable was laid to Australia from Bombay via Singapore. There were problems of Bandwidth because of long distance, Because of this they used repeater amplifiers, and they used large voltages to overcome the electrical resistance, but even that didn’t solve the problem, Later a scientist named Thomson designed a complex electric-field generator that minimized current by resonating the cable, and a mirror galvanometer for detecting the faint signals, and Later he produced a super mathematical analysis, which was helpful for the improvement of Undersea cables, Later everything has been replaced to Fiber Optic Cables, The cable laid previously are used even in modern days for measuring earthquake waves and other geomagnetic events. Anyhow within few years to come underground cables will be connecting to Antarctica.

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