How to send and receive email in iPhone 4s

Send and receive email in iPhone 4s

As it did with Safari, Apple slimmed down its Mail program for iOS. Mail’s fast and powerful features make up for the device’s lack of a physical keyboard.

Set up new accounts

When you first set up your device, iTunes will ask if you want to transfer your existing email accounts from your computer. On a Mac, you can transfer accounts from Apple Mail. On a Windows PC, you can transfer account details from Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express or Outlook. If you use a different email program, you’ll have to enter your account information manually. On the Home screen, tap the Settings button and then select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Under the Accounts header, tap Add Account. You’ll see a screen with buttons for Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL and other.

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Work with email

Every time you view your inbox-either by tapping it from the Mailboxes screen or by returning to it from another app-your device will check that account for new mail. You’ll see a preview of each message, including the sender, the time it was sent, the subject line and, if desired, a few lines of text. Unread messages display a blue dot to the left. Mail you’ve replied to or forwarded will have small indicator arrows to the left of it.

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