How to Assigning IP address For Windows 8

In this post we have posted about How to Change the IP address, if the IP address is already configured

Here are the screenshots for How to Assign IP address in Windows 8, you can follow the same steps for changing the IP address and to Assign static IP address

Steps for Assigning the IP address

On the notification right click on the network Icon Select Open Network and Sharing Center


Network and Sharing Center opens up click on change adapter settings it’ll direct you to network connections


Another easy way to open network connections open search select apps type in ncpa.cpl in search box click on the file the network connection will opens up


You can even type in run ncpa.cpl, this command will opens network connections window


In network connections Right click on Wired Ethernet Connection select Properties, local area network name is replaced by Wired Ethernet Connection


Wired Ethernet Connection properties, Scroll down select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and properties


Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) properties, if Obtain an IP Address Automatically is selected than the IP address is assigned by DHCP Server, If you want assign a Static IP address select Use the following IP address type in the IP address and click OK


This completes the steps for assigning IP address


  1. For 3 days I’ve been working with Verizon, to fix the IP configuration. I was told that it was a hardware problem and mailed me a new router. It still didn’t work, than I was told it was a software problem and they will help me but it will cost 14 dollars and 99 cents for 10 months. I agreedwas I was passed from person to person, no one help me with the IP configuration. I looked it up online and found your sites.
    Thank you my computer works now!

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